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Consulting Services

GTM Advisory | Strategic Partnerships |  Accelerated Market Expansion


Market Research and Insights

  • Market trends and information

  • Industry reports

  • Primary research

  • Sectoral analysis

  • Business intelligence

  • Competitive landscape


Strategy and Planning

  • Product market fit

  • Go to Market (GTM) strategies

  • Value chains

  • Legal and compliance framework

  • User segmentation and targeting

  • Product positioning

  • Business development connects


Market Access

  • Business setup

  • Investment advisory

  • Financial feasibility

  • Partner onboarding

  • Hiring and team building

  • Brand building

  • Marketing and PR Plan

  • Networking opportunities

Analyzing Chart

Advantage AcceleraEnte

We are your partners to navigate new markets and accessing innovation ecosystems across the globe at effective returns on investment.

We bring the best resources, mentors, and partners to support your internalization goals, in both short and long-term formats.

Innovation Delegations

We curate and facilitate 1-week and 2-week-long delegations to visit India in person, meet key stakeholders, and  understand the local ecosystem through first-hand interactions.

Readiness Assessment

We have tools and processes to assess the startup's strengths and weaknesses and evaluate the feasibility of entering a new market, after analyzing the competitive landscape, and identifying potential challenges and opportunities.

Regulatory Framework

We have experts who ensure startups comply with local laws and regulations in the target market, including product registration, intellectual property protection, and data privacy laws.

Brand and Marketing

We help companies create and implement marketing and branding strategies tailored to the target market, including localized content and advertising campaigns.

Consulting Services

We help companies develop a comprehensive business strategy that aligns with their vision and goals, and identify the most promising market opportunities.

Training and Workshops

We provide training and coaching to help the startup's team develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the target market. We also help them localize the pitch of their product and offers.

Distribution and logistics

We help startups set up efficient and cost-effective distribution and logistics networks in the target market, including identifying the best shipping and transportation options.

Sales and BD

We facilitate building and nurturing relationships with potential partners, distributors, and customers in the target market to establish a strong presence and grow their businesses.

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