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At Acceleraente, we specialize in helping startups navigate the complexities of entering new markets, providing customized solutions to achieve success. With our expertise in market research, market entry strategy, legal and regulatory compliance, distribution and logistics, business development, marketing and branding, sales support, risk management, performance monitoring, and consulting services, we can help you expand your business.

Asia Bridge launch at GIF'22

Asiabridge, a coalition and Market-access platform with partners from India, Israel, South Korea, TaiwanPhilippinesMalaysiaThailand, and Singapore, formed to support the growth of startups from our respective regions in all of Asia, was launched at the Global Innovator Festa (GIF- 2022) in Daegu, South Korea.

As part of the launch, women entrepreneurs from all regions were invited to the "Global Startup Competition" to present their innovative solutions in Web3SustainabilityMetaverseHealthtech, and other emerging fields.

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